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The competition is run at the Under 13, 14, and 15 age groups, following normal sevens rules. The Tournament Rules and Club Information are given below.  

At U14 and U15, where there are three pools, there is a Cup, Plates, and Bowl competiton.  At U13, with two pools, there is Cup and Plate - in accordance with RFU regulations on tournament at U13 all sides will at least reach a semi-final.

Where there are three pools, the bonus point system will be used to identify the best-second-place team, which will join the pool winners in the Cup, and the same process will identify the next four-placed teams, who will contest the Plate, and the last four in the Bowl.

The entry fee per team is £30, but there is no spectator entry fee.

Pitch Layout:


1. The Laws are those of IRB Rugby Sevens as modified by the Under 19 requirements of the RFU.

2. Matches  will be played five minutes each way, with a two minute break at half time.

3. Conversions will be taken by drop goal and MUST be taken from THE FAR SIDE of the posts, in-line with the point of the try scored.

4. Squads for U14 and U15 will be limited to fourteen players; however, the organisers reserve the right to waive this rule in the case of the second teams, especially for touring sides.  There is no squad limit for U13s.

5. Any team more than 5 minutes late for their appointed kick-off time will be adjudged to have lost that match by 30 points to nil.

6. There will be two or three Pools for each age group.  In the case of two pools, the top two in each group will go on to contest the cup semi-finals, and the third and fourth placed sides will contest the plate semi-finals.  In the case of three pools the bonus point system will be used to assign rankings.  In the event of teams not attending or other unforeseen events, the organisers reserve the right to change the structure of the competition.

7. In the Pool Stage, four points will be awarded for a win, and two points for a draw. Any side that loses by any margin of 7 points or less will be awarded a bonus point, as will any team that scores more than 25 points in a game, although only one bonus point will be awarded to any one team for any one match. Final positions will be determined initially on pool points scored, then on match points scored, match points difference, the result between the two sides in question, tries scored, and if the teams still cannot be split, the toss of a coin.

8. In the event of a draw in the Semi-finals, two minutes each way of extra time will be played.If the teams are still tied then the following countback precedence will apply: pool stage points scored, match points scored, match points difference, tries scored, then the toss of a coin.

9 . In the event of a draw in the Final, two minutes each way of extra time will be played.If the teams are still tied, the two sides will be declared joint winners.

10. Referees will award up to five Fair Play Points per team in each game in the Pool Phase, anda Fair Play Award will be given to the team with the highest number.

11. The referee has absolute discretion over the safety of playing apparel.If an item is disbarred there is no right of appeal.

12. If any player is ordered from the field of play for disciplinary reasons, he may be replaced but may take no further part in the tournament.The referee may not award the affected side any fair play points for that match.

13. In the event of any dispute whatsoever, the decision of the organiser and the Winscombe RFC Mini & Junior Chairman will be final.Decisions taken by referees will be supported without question


  1. Registration will begin at 9.00am in the main tent between pitches A and B. Please ensure that all teams are registered by 09:45am (U13: 10:30) for a prompt 10.00 (U13:10:45) start to matches. Only players registered with their relevant Unions will be eligible to take part; please ensure you have registration cards for inspection.
  2. There is no weight limit.
  3. There is no charge for Parking but please follow the instructions posted on the competition website. Do not park on Yadley Close or the surrounding residential roads, or obstruct the access to the clubhouse and pitches, as this may impede emergency vehicles.
  4. Programmes will be available to purchase on the day for £3 each. Scores will be updated at the main tent, and on the tournament website www.mendipsevens.co.uk.
  5. Dogs are not permitted on any pitches or the surrounding areas at Winscombe Recreation Ground. This is a local by-law and there are fines for transgression!
  6. Independent Referees are provided and allocated on a pitch basis. The referees will be keeping disciplinary records as well as reporting match results. Abuse of referees will not be tolerated, from players, coaches, or spectators, and sanctions may range from the docking of points to expulsion from the competition.
  7. The Laws are those of the IRB for Rugby Sevens, as amended by the RFU for Under 19 players (for example, the level at which a tackle is judged to be high, and the prohibition of squeeze-ball).
  8. Punctuality. Matches will be played for 5 minutes each way, with 2 minutes for half time. 15 minutes are allowed for each game, so there is only 3 minutes time for changeover. Please be ready to begin your game as soon as the previous match is over, and vacate the playing area as soon as you have finished. Any team more than 5 minutes late will be adjudged to have lost that match by a margin of 30-0.
  9. Plentiful catering will be available. Please do not bring your own barbecues as these are a safety hazard.
  10. We are blessed with beautiful pitches, especially the Blomfield Pitches (pitches C and D) which lie inside the Mendip Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Please respect this status and tidy any litter away.
  11. Team tents are permitted providing they are sited a safe distance from the playing area and do not obstruct emergency access.
  12. Trophies and medals will be awarded for Cup, Runner-up, and Plate at each age group. An award will also be made for Far Play in each age group, based on referees’ reports from the pool stage.
  13. Photography will be provided. If you have players who have not given permission to be photographed, please make the relevant pitch marshal aware before the match.
  14. Cancellation. Glorious sunshine has been requested but should the conditions prove to be severe then the decision to cancel will be made and communicated by 5.00pm on Friday 4th May.
  15. Kit. Colours will be listed in the Tournament Programme; please bring a change in case of a clash.
  16. Medical Emergencies. In the hopefully unlikely event that an ambulance needs to be called, the club postcode is BS25 1APZ. Pitches A and B are attached to Winscombe Recreation Ground on The Lynch; pitches C and D are accessed from Yadley Close. Please keep this information close to hand.
  17. Changing Rooms and Showers are provided, but because of the number of players who may wish to make use of them they will not be secured. Do not leave any valuables in the changing rooms; the club will take no responsibility if you do.
  18. Emergency contact (other than medical): Simon Rees, 07803 289611.
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